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Aazaad’s Aham Brahmasmi roared at The Capital of India New Delhi

The time transcending creation Aham Brahmasmi, created by the military school student and much acclaimed nationalist filmmaker Aazaad roared at the Capital of India, New Delhi. Its been acknowledged this 6th September, Delhi is experiencing the reality of its existence. PVR Icon, Vasant Kunj successfully premiered the first mainstream feature film in Sanskrit language, Aham Brahmasmi, produced by the legendary film company also called as Pillar of Indian Cinema, The Bombay Talkies Studios combined along with revolutionary woman producer Kamini Dube. Aham Brahmasmi is created by non-other than the military school student and much acclaimed nationalist filmmaker Aazaad. Amidst the aristrocratic and English oriented audiences of Delhi, premiere of Aham Brahmasmi was like a cold breeze in dry desert.

Formerly where people were spotted standing in a long queue at the ticket counter with the enormous chantings of slogans and quotes of ‘Bharatmata ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ while on latter huge round of applauds were noted after the speech of nationalist filmmaker Aazaad. The unbeatable dialogues of Aham Brahmasmi with the blend of Aazaad’s tremendous blazing vocal tone are running down public’s mind. For the people who consider Sanskrit as a religious battle and complicated language, it was an eye opener when they witnessed youth grooving and showing some hippy moves on the lyrics of songs of Aham Brahmasmi. This nationalist country is all set to change itself dynamically. Moving ahead with the aim to reach the cultural destination through the medium of Sanskrit language, Aazaad’s creation has turned out to become a cultural event. Viewers response is increasing exponentially with each show. Hope that delhites gets to face their culture following the mission taken forward by Aazaad.

Jayatu Jayatu Sanskritam

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